Malaysia Business Immigration


Malaysia has recently been ranked as the top 6th country in the world as the easiest and most friendly country in carrying out business activities. Malaysia is a quite soothing, sound and stable country. An expatriate’s shift would majorly depend on the stability of the country. To them, the cost of living and the property prices in Malaysia is comparatively lower than in Europe and the United States.

Malaysia is not just one of the beautiful countries to work at but it also attracts a lot of investors and entrepreneurs to set up their businesses there as Malaysia has been Asia’s business events hub. The flora and fauna had been the wealth of Malaysia as there are a number of islands, highlands, seas, jungles and beaches which attracts visitors from all the four corners of the earth.

Our experts can assist you with the right set of processes and Visas.

Business Visas for Malaysia

A business visit visa is issued to those candidates who are travelling to Malaysia on an intention to execute or commence a business. For businessmen, this pass would allow them to enter Malaysia for their business matters like attending conferences, meetings, assignments, etc.

Malaysia provides different types of tourist or business visas. We can help you with 3 different kinds of visa; single entry, multiple entry and transit based on your requirements. Each has a specified criterion of qualification which needs to be adhered to. A combination of these visas can help you address your specific requirements to meet your explicit objective.

A Multiple entry visa allows a visitor to travel to Malaysia multiple times and is normally suitable for the businessmen and government officials.

Malaysia My Second Home Programme

Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) was an initiation of the Malaysian government that allowed foreign residents to settle in Malaysia for a longer period of time. This programme encourages foreigners to attain residency for their families and dependants as well. This programme comes with a bucket benefits that attracts most individuals to apply for it.

This programme provides a multiple entry visit pass for period of 10 years. We provide the information as to how this residency can be gained and help you process all formalities required to access the Malaysia My Second Home Programme.

Permanent Residency in Malaysia

A permanent residency in Malaysia allows an expatriate not just to live but also to work in the country on a permanent basis. Our experts have detailed information on how to attain to the PR. We can guide you ingeniously and make the process free from the confusions and try making it less time-consuming and messy.

We are aware of all the resources required for this process and can help you get through it. The PR has a specified criterion of qualification which needs to be adhered to. We can help you with it based on the requirements.