Malaysia Individual


Malaysia has recently been ranked as the top 6th country in the world as the easiest and most friendly country in carrying out business activities. Malaysia is a quite soothing, sound and stable country. An expatriate’s shift would majorly depend on the stability of the country. To them, the cost of living and the property prices in Malaysia is comparatively lower than in Europe and the United States.

Malaysia is not just one of the beautiful countries to work at but it also attracts a lot of investors and entrepreneurs to set up their businesses there as Malaysia has been Asia’s business events hub. The flora and fauna had been the wealth of Malaysia as there are a number of islands, highlands, seas, jungles and beaches which attracts visitors from all the four corners of the earth.

Our experts can assist you with the right set of processes and Visas.

Employment Pass

Malaysia being one of the magnificent countries draws many individuals to travel there and perhaps get settled to enjoy the ambience; hence, we at WPV, provide the required help to our clients regarding the employment pass services that would allow them to travel to Malaysia and to work there as well. This Employment pass would usually be issued for a minimum period of two years.

Temporary Employment Pass /DP 10

An employment pass in Malaysia is usually issued for a minimum period of two years. For those who have temporary work at Malaysia, WPV can assist you with the Temporary Employment Pass which usually is for unskilled or semi-skilled workers in agricultural, construction or service fields. We help you complete all the formalities required for your visa to make your process tranquil. This type of employment pass is strictly for candidates who are Non-IT based.

Professional Visit Pass

The Professional Visit Pass is issued to the foreigners that are engaged by an overseas company which is working with a company at Malaysia. We at WPV will help you provide all the documents required for work permit application along with the latest details regarding the changes in the regulations to be your guiding hand to assist you through your travel till your stay. This kind of visa is for a shorter term and generally pertinent for trainees or/and volunteers.