UK Business Immigration

UK ?

UK is a wide mix of cultures. It is a land of endless opportunities for all as it is a business hub. It provides for an admirable lifestyle and a number of other benefits like health benefits, educational benefits, etc. It is not only the monetary benefit that attracts people but also the fact that UK has many green areas, including beautiful parks, gardens and public footpaths.

It also has a fascinating history and is good at preserving its traditions and old buildings and gardens. It could easily bring a positive life changing experience for all.

Our experts can assist you with the right set of processes and Visas.

Sponsor Licence & Tier 2

Working in UK can be tempting but owning a business can just be fascinating. This doesn’t end here, any business to flourish needs appropriate resources which mainly include the human resources and to hire a non-EU worker in your business firm situated at UK, one needs to possess a Tier 2 sponsorship licence. This licence can be gained from the Home Office’s UK Visas & Immigration Section (UKV&I) only if the business is eligible and meets the specified criteria.

We provide assistance to any kind of business in UK whether it may be new or old, we can help you for the Sponsor Licence & tier 2. There are different types of licences that depend on the type of worker that a business would want to sponsor. Our expertise in immigration does help here by suggesting which type of licence would suit your firm the best.

Audit Services

Any country that allows a foreigner to migrate and perform business in it would expect honesty and sincerity from the firm and its employers as the country had a bond of trust on them. Hence, officers of the Home Office’s UK Visas & Immigration Section (UKV&I) visit the firm and rate their obedience. The firms that qualify in the check secure an ‘A’ rate for their firm, while those who fail to put forward their sincerity and compliance at work could result in the loss of licence or would further lead to prosecution.

We give proficient aid to the employers/firms and guide them on the requirements to attain an ‘A’ rate and ways to avoid issues and problems. We specify the Do’s and Don’ts to our clients that would make it easier for them to follow and satisfy the country’s rules and regulations.

Compliance & Training

Establishing a business at UK comes with its additional benefits but it also comes with some important duties that one can’t overlook. One needs to concentrate on his works and also on those that migrate to his firm and must make sure that they cover all the mandatory documents.

The skilled experts from our committed team will make sure to offer you all the help you require to sort issues if any and maintain all formalities under the regulations of UK govt.

Gov’t Liaison

We are expertise in the UK immigration and hence, are dedicated in providing the best and updated services to our clients. We try our best to provide quick responses for all our clients. We provide accurate and precise information and we have drawn ourselves vigorously into the government procedures that help us manage the immigration tactics that would suit best for your company. WPV will keep you well-versed with the new guidelines, schemes and budding transformations that could affect your business.